San Francisco Christmas Events 2021

San Francisco Christmas Events 2021

“We’ve been locked up for so long so the fact that we are all out and about acting like idiots is everything and I love it!” When Native Americans inhabited what is now San Francisco, the landscape consisted of large swaths of grasslands, sand dunes, and salt marshes, with only six species of trees and three types of bushes The Presidio Theatre presents a bright new addition to the Bay Area holiday entertainment landscape this December 2-31 with the world premiere of the panto, The Magic Lamp, that reframes the classic

Even though Christmas in the Park is a more than 40-year-old tradition, 2021 will bring new surprises to guests at the walkthrough and drive-thru events. Here’s what to expect this holiday season. Lifting up and sustaining a small-town orchestra is not easy. Big city symphonies have bigger budgets and engage in high-profile concerts; however, smaller symphonies are essential to raising

The Orange County Health Care Agency reports California’s apparent first case of COVID-19, a man who had traveled to Wuhan, China. They were months filled with isolation, death, illness and fear. More than 65,500 state residents have lost their lives while nearly 3.7 million have been infected by the coronavirus. Here is a

San Francisco Christmas Events 2021 : A timeline of key events and milestones in California during the coronavirus pandemic from January 2020 until June 2021, culminating in the state’s full reopening June 15, 2021. Bloom Energy’s Stars and Strides Run in August is expected to be the first outdoor community run taking place since the pandemic started. Beach Blanket Babylon fans have been wondering what will happen to the show’s signature costumes and hats. Jo Schuman Silver says some will go to the Smithsonian and other local museums.

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