Orange County Christmas Events 2021

Orange County Christmas Events 2021

A roundup of calendar events and community announcements from Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Orange Coast College and Second Chance Pet Adoptions. Lamb’s Players Theatre will launch its comeback season next month, with its first live performance before an audience on July 8 at the Moonlight Amphitheatre in Vista. But it will be several months June 15 has been a long time coming. So how have Orange County businesses, officials and residents held up along the way, and what are they expecting now that we made it?

Voice of OC Digital Editor Sonya Quick won first place in the state for infographics, winning against top news agencies in the prestigious California News Publishers Association awards. An avid American history buff and collector, he bought 28 acres of land on what is now Route 17M and began assembling a mid-19th century village where children and their parents could learn about life

I know what you did last summer. Nothing! That’s what we all did last summer. The 2020 Summer-of-Diddley-Squat. Not this year. The pent-up demand for fun and travel is obvious. On a recent flight to A California resident becomes the first confirmed non-travel related case, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. — A Solano County woman becomes the first U.S. case

Orange County Christmas Events 2021 : The move would be a huge victory for the Pac-12, which has struggled to consistently send teams to the sport’s grandest stage. When California fully reopens on Tuesday, it will be a watershed event that underscores how far the state has come since the start of the year when the coronavirus was at its deadliest. Los Angeles’ greatest sports fan, a unifying force and spine of the LAFC club, is honored after losing his battle with COVID-19.

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