Detroit Christmas 2021

Detroit Christmas 2021

A Texas inmate is facing execution after killing his pregnant wife, his 5-year-old daughter and his father-in-law more than a decade ago. Gypsy Girl Pianist and composer Arthur Hanlon didn’t let a pandemic stop him from recording an album he’s dreamt about for decades—Piano Y Mujer, (translated as Piano and Woman) a collaborative effort between

Through June 27, the museum is featuring the artwork of renowned Detroit photographer Russ Marshall in the exhibition, “Russ Marshall: Detroit Photographs, 1958-2008.” From atmospheric, moody city Cameron Wasacz, the founder of Prolux Entertainment, initially went to reprogram the computer that controls the iconic glowing rooftop orb atop downtown Detroit’s Penobscot Building. But then he

The Arizona Cardinals have the best center in the NFL entering 2021, but will also five top centers on their schedule this year. The Lions teamed up with the United Way for Southeastern Michigan and Character Playbook to host a virtual conversation on leadership and maintaining healthy relationships with students from

Detroit Christmas 2021 : When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the town to shut down, Scott Chittle decided that the community needed a safe place to come together, and something to spark some joy during the dreary winter months. The head of Detroit’s big international auto show says it will return to the Motor City next year, but with smaller indoor displays, and more emphasis on experiencing vehicles Ever since the Detroit Pistons won the NBA Draft Lottery there has excitement, sure, but it already seems to be getting drowned out by worry, consternation, frustration, paranoia. Every non-Detroit

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