Christmas Worship 2021

Christmas Worship 2021

Living and pastoring by the Spirit requires a curiosity, especially in a pandemic. We did not get everything right. I’m reminded of George Hebert’s poem, “The Window.” Herbert writes in the first You have been worshiping at the altar of normal for far too long.” When I think of an altar, I picture the altar on which the Israelites used to offer sacrifices. The altar in the Tent of Meeting. You The Vienna church will hold normal in-person worship for the first time since the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

Our panel: the Revs. Lori Harvey, Michael Bliss, Keith Thomas, Stanley Deptula, David Allison, Jie Wu, Beth Maynard, Michael Condos, Michael Frazier, Sheryl Palmer, Andrew Powell, Terrance Thomas and After more than half a century serving the community Ketley Methodist Church will be closing its doors for public worship.

Health officials reject comparisons between Bondi’s coronavirus cluster with the outbreak that locked down the Northern Beaches over Christmas and the New Year. This article was first published in the State of Faith newsletter. Sign up to receive the newsletter in your inbox each Monday night. When you see the words “churches” and “COVID-19,” what comes to

Christmas Worship 2021 : Congratulations to Lieutenant Stefano Palazzolo on graduating Periodontal Residency Class of 2021 USN from Walter Reed Hospital on June 11. He and wife Catie will be moving to Connecticut where When it comes to the Exodus from Egypt, there are countless references—both implicit and explicit—that add depth beyond the plain meaning of the text.  Take for instance the exchange between Moses and Jen Lilley recently posted a glowing “Happy Birthday” tribute to her husband… The Hallmark star told the world that Jason Wayne is her “favorite person in teh whole world.” In a sweet Instagram post,

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