Christmas Light Recycling 2021

Christmas Light Recycling 2021

Think about how much your habits changed during the pandemic. All of those shifts are noticeable at local residential recycling facilities, and some of them are causing problems. Local campaigns to change peoples’ recycling habits are quickly turning around a regional problem with contamination, which has doomed hundreds of tons of materials to the incinerator in the last year If your garage is so full you can’t park your bike inside, let alone your car, it’s time to clear out the clutter and make some space.

Residents can bring their garbage and recycling to the parking lot of Great Falls Elementary School on Saturdays between 8 a.m. and noon. Photo contributed # Can you guess the oldest community DISCUSSION: Village Administrator Ron Lambert said from Monday to Thursday, the traffic lights will flash on caution (yellow) and the side streets will flash red. The traffic lights will return to

Local unsung heroes have been celebrated in Council’s Civic Awards. Councillor Mohammd Javed praised the 14 winners at the Council’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesd The deadline to submit items to the bulletin board is noon Friday. Email submission to [email protected] Items publish as space allows.

Christmas Light Recycling 2021 : U.S. Marshals have arrested a couple suspected of operating a large puppy mill in rural Campbellsburg. Terri Smith, 51, was arrested at a trailer park in Bullitt County at 7:30 a.m., according to A 35-year-old man was arrested Wednesday for suspicion of felony eluding with endangerment and misdemeanor DUI among other offenses, according to a Carson City Sheriff’s Office booking report. Edwin Alumnus Orlando Estrada ‘08 calls on viewers to deal with the environmental issues surrounding South Florida today with his new solo exhibition “The Infinite Vision in the Ethereal Rainbows Swarming

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