Christmas At Luther 2021

Christmas At Luther 2021

Capturing engaging, personal, and vibrant video and images is already a challenge. Adding mask wearing, social distancing, cancellations, and last minute changes didn’t make it any easier! The Living and pastoring by the Spirit requires a curiosity, especially in a pandemic. We did not get everything right. I’m reminded of George Hebert’s poem, “The Window.” Herbert writes in the first It is time to mobilize the spirit of Juneteenth beyond celebration to become a force for the Black progress that is constitutionally required.

Though I strongly support making Juneteenth a federal holiday (June 19th), most likely to be later celebrated on the closest available Monday, national holidays have very real and significant costs as A school board in New Jersey reversed its decision to remove holiday names from its calendar after a rowdy meeting where hundreds of parents called for their resignation for almost four hours. The

Juneteenth is not a state legal holiday in Utah, but that could change if lawmakers were to pass a bill to officially adopt the holiday. Spouses will put their knowledge of each other to the test, and a live audience will see it all happen in a new comedic game show coming to the Asher Theatre in Myrtle Beach this summer. “After The ‘I

Christmas At Luther 2021 : A New Jersey school district has voted to eliminate “the names of all religious and secular holidays from the school calendar opting for the more generic description ‘Day Off.’ The made-for-TV movie was a programming staple for the broadcast networks in the 1970s and 1980s. While it fell out of favor in the 1990s and was even dropped as an Emmy Awards category for three The Mississippi State University Riley Center for Education and Performing Arts announces a 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Performing Arts Series full of celebration, opening with a concert on Aug. 21 by

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