Boxed Christmas Cards 2021

Boxed Christmas Cards 2021

When Bryson, an 8-year-old boy from Lebanon, Virginia, adopted Bruce, a now 4-month-old black lab mix puppy, they quickly became best friends. He stored index cards in his “Birthday Box.” Benny and his mother, Kathy, would often go to the Dollar Store to stock up on birthday cards and cards for holidays. Thankfully, Mary Grace would always solve that problem for us.  It’s known to many as the ultimate tita place but for us, it’s our family place. Whenever we’re at Mary Grace, each of us already has go

MAKING Christmas cards for isolated people in her local community led to a North Berwick schoolgirl being nominated for a Young Scot Award. From all-in-one recipe boxes to high quality meat and gourmet cheese, we round up the best food subscriptions to have delivered to your door

A Chichester care home waitress surprised and delighted one of her residents by tracking down a children’s board game they invented nearly half a century ago. Visiting or “calling” cards were also used to enclose in gifts, to issue party invitations, or include with graduation announcements. Special cards were printed for Christmas visiting or condolence

Boxed Christmas Cards 2021 : A kindly postman has returned a young girl’s letter that she wrote on Father’s Day to her late dad and tried to send to ‘heaven.’ Sianna Tully, 8, addressed her card ‘To Dad, Heaven, Cloud 9, P.O Box Theatre innovators New Perspectives are launching a new festival that shuns the digital world and places emphasis wholly on the tangible and the tactile. Taking place all around Nottingham over one Six months after his father’s passing, the younger Andy is keeping the memory of his father alive one sandwich and warm greeting at a time.

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