2021 Hollywood Christmas Parade

2021 Hollywood Christmas Parade

It’s a month for merriment as California gets a handle on its COVID-19 cases and as we honor and pay tribute to the sacrifices, heroes and the civil rights movement of the LGBTQ community. But this The REV Theatre Company reopens its historic flagship venue, the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, with the song and dance spectacular, 42nd Street. The show marks the company’s return to live performances As the U.S. entered WWI, the Ringling show employed about a thousand people—but forces that would reshape the circus industry had begun to emerge

It’s not cheap to go to Disney World, but has that always been the case? See what ticket prices were like back in the early days. Avengers Campus may have stollen all the attention last week, but Disneyland has been preparing for some big days ahead of its own. We are just a week away from out-of-state guests returning to the

As 1951 turned into 1952, a story of heroism played out in the storm-tossed seas Western Approaches of the English Channel. Here is a brief rundown of some coming entertainment options in Northeast Ohio. Make submissions for consideration via email to [email protected] or [email protected] You m

2021 Hollywood Christmas Parade : One of Sarasota’s earliest claims to fame was being known throughout the world as The Circus City, the home of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows. The winter headquarters stood on Jim Varney made Ernest P. Worrell more than just a commercial spokesman and movie star, he made him a beloved comedy icon for a generation of fans. Detectives arrested three adult males who contacted undercover detectives believing they were underage minors for the purpose of having cantik with the minors. The operation occurred in the casino core

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